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Is My Own Molly a virtual assistant agency?


Defining the difference between an Executive Assistant (EA), Administrative Assistant (AA), Personal Assistant (PA), and a Virtual Assistant (VA), can be exhausting and confusing for our clients. 

My Own Molly is a full-service agency, specializing in on-demand Assistant services for all types of busy professionals. Our Account Executives are trained in several different fields of assistance and are qualified to handle various tasks that are typically reserved under each Assistant type. For a more detailed list of tasks our trained Account Executives won't be able to tackle for you, please head on over to our SERVICES page
to learn more.

Can I purchase a package based on an hourly rate or monthly number of hours available?


No. We want our clients to have the best experience possible, without focusing solely on the number of hours in their package or an hourly rate for their Account Executive.
We want to erase the stress of time keeping for our clients so that the focus can be on achieving the best desired results from our Account Executive. Each of our monthly packages accounts for up to 80 hours per month, or an everage of 20 hours per week. Our Account Executives are diligently logging their time on the backend to insure there is no exceeding the monthly cap, and to account for time spent on behalf of our clients. These time keeping logs can be made available upon request at any time.

Will my Account Executive work solely on or within a specific operating system or environment?


While our Account Executives are all specifically qualified to work within an Apple/Mac environment and most relative applications, many are qualified to work within a Windows/PC environment as well. This can be accommodated upon request and on an as needed basis. It should be noted that using all Google associated platforms (Gmail, Google Cal, etc) is preferred for ease of use within ALL operating systems,
but not required. 

Where will my Account Executive be geographically located?


While we strive to match our clients with an Account Executive that will reside in the same geographical time zone, it is not always possible. With clients both in the US and abroad, we accommodate a wide range of clients from all over the world. Even though an Account Executive may not reside in the same time zone as a client, rest assured they are completing work within the operating hours of the package specified by the client and will respond to requests accordingly during the standard weekday.

Will my Account Executive be available on weekends?


Weekend availability for our Account Executives is not included in any of our packages, but can be made available for an additional fee upon request, as needed.

Will my Account Executive be available on holidays?


Holiday availability for our Account Executives is not included in any of our packages, but can be made available for an additional fee upon request, as needed.

US Holidays observed by our Account Executives are:


New Year's Day (January 1)

Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday (Third Monday in January)

Washington's Birthday (Third Monday in February)

Memorial Day (Last Monday in May)

Independence Day (July 4)

Labor Day (First Monday in September)

Columbus Day (Second Monday in October)

Veterans Day (November 11)

Thanksgiving Day (Fourth Thursday in November)

Christmas Day (December 25)


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All client information of My Own Molly LLC is held in the strictest confidence and will not be sold.

Our clients trust us to uphold the confidential nature of their private and personal information. As such, we regard this as one of our core values and adhere to above-standard policies when it comes to the security of our clients. Our service agreement explicitly covers this policy and is signed by both the client, Account Executive, and an authorized representative of My Own Molly LLC prior to the rendering of any services as to protect the privacy of the client and to secure the terms agreed upon for service.

Security / Passwords

My Own Molly LLC is a proud user of Passpack for its online password management needs. If an account does not already exist, one will be created by an Account Executive on behalf of a client to import and manage all of their online passwords. An introductory call can be scheduled to setup an Account by phone, so as to maximize security during the initialization process. With online encryption technology, client logins are secured safely within Passpack.  


An Account Executive will only access a client's Passpack account as is necessary to complete tasks, requests, and transactions on their behalf.


Learn more about Passpack HERE.




While we consistently strive for happy clients and customers we do understand that mistakes happen. Even though we sometimes exhibit superhuman qualities, our Account Executives are only human. As such, if a client is unhappy for any reason, a mutally aggreeable revised agreement will be attempted on behalf of our Executive team with the client. However, if this is not possible, we will gladly honor a refund if requested within 10 calendar days of initial purchase. A refund is not guaranteed but a compromise can usually be made in most cases.

In addition, the Client may terminate their package or service, with or without cause, upon seven (7) calendar days advance written notice to the Company.  A refund will be issued from the date of termination for the remaining balance of unused service at the sole discretion of the Company.

Time Sensitive Requests/Turnaround Time

Time Sensitive Requests/Turnaround Time

At  My Own Molly LLC, our dedicated Account Executives will do what we can to accommodate time sensitive matters. If for any reason, there is a delay in response from an Account Executive regarding a pressing issue, please notify our Executive team HERE immediately of the concern and we'll do our best to attend to the matter as quickly as possible.​ Otherwise, your request or concern will be addressed at the soonest available time allowed within the daily operating hours of your package.

Client Purchases
Client Purchases

Our packages and service prices do not include the cost of items purchased for the client or expenses incurred on behalf of the client.


Account Executives may make purchases on behalf of a client. In fact, we encourage it to free up time for our busy professionals!

Please note that for the purchase of items over $1000 USD, we require explicit written consent from our clients to our Account Executives to ensure the security of the purchase. We strictly prohibit purchases over $5000 USD. While we realize this may cause a delay in purchases, we prefer the added precaution to protect the security of our clients.


Clients of My Own Molly LLC will receive original receipts for all purchases made on their behalf by an Account Executive within 30 calendar days of purchase.

Additional Services

Additional Services


Additional Services will be applied for requests fulfilled outside the scope of what is included within a specified client's package.


This includes the following:


  • Technical Support Assistance, which is included as an add-on at time of purchase.

  • Video Chat Support, which is included as an add-on at time of purchase.

  • Work completed by an Account Executive outside of normal business operating hours, based on client time zone, or on weekends or major holidays.
    (Please note this is available only upon request, as needed.)

  • Errand running on behalf of a client. Time is logged in accordance with the 80 hour monthly allotment cap for each package, but additional mileage expenses will be incurred. Standard mileage (56.5 cents per mile ~ Jan. 1, 2013) will be the fiduciary responsibility of the client for reimbursement within 30 days of occurrence. A detailed mileage log will be provided at the time of invoicing as proof of expense.

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